Pipe Line Trap Magnet Manufacturer

Backed by expert professionals, we are known as leading pipe line trap magnet manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We are market leader in the product segment of magnetic separation. Our range of permanent trap magnets provides protection for various processing equipments, slurry lines and liquid pipe lines. It can remove iron contamination, magnetic scale, rust and small particles for preserving product purity. Our offered liquid handling magnetic separator is able to protect your product and flow lines. It can prevent jamming of pumps, abrasive wear and assure flow free from iron contamination.

You can achieve better iron contamination for your required operation whether it is tiny or huge diameter pipeline, we have solution to provide best protection for your every requirement. Our all models of pipe line trap magnet provide powerful magnetic field to attract different type of iron contamination. The basic elements which pipe line trap magnet housing consist are magnetic tubes which are made from SS. When the material flows in those magnetic tubes, all metallic impurities are trapped by strong magnetic field (generated inside the tubes). These magnetic separators are equipped with a set of magnetic tubes / bars sealed in tubes and inserted in protective grid made of stainless steel. It has simple design with clean and durable body. Our powerful and permanent magnetic elements can perform well in high temperatures also, we can develop customize models to support maximum temperatures up to 450 C.

Our special engineered pipeline separator is engineered to extract magnetic impurities from liquid lines such as dairy, chocolate, soup, sauce and others. System feature is developed with powerful magnets which can easily retain the metal containment while intercepting product flow. To trap particles, it is incorporated with sump type housing structure and line traps are installed. It is useful for the product security of critical processing equipments. It is ideal for large liquid volume flow systems as it provides zero pressure drop or flow reduction. Our pipe line trap magnet is highly demanded among customers and it is available at market leading rates as per given requirement.

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