Magnetic Destoner Manufacturer

Gayatri Magnet is a leading magnetic destoner supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Our magnetic products are manufactured using modern technology to suit domestic and global market requirement. We use premium quality raw material to develop efficient and durable customized magnetic destoner for our customer. Further our magnetic products are passed through strict quality parameters under expert professionals to deliver lifelong performance.

One short conveyor belt revolves around the magnetic roll in magnetic destoner machine. When material is discharged on the conveyor belt with the help of feeder, non magnetic particles flow freely at the conveyor end while magnetic particles adhere to conveyor belt. With the help of deck oscillation process light particles travels to the lower part of the deck and heavy particles move to the upper part of the deck and make separation process easier. Many food industries such as rice, maize, grain and seed cleaning industries are facing the problem of impurities from the food materials and for sorting out these impurities magnetic destoners are useful equipment. Magnetic destoners are used in various industries to fulfill many applications such as ceramic raw material beneficiation, bauxite and graphite up-gradation, glass raw material cleaning, quartz cleaning, diamond ore beneficiation, metal recovery from slag. They are also applicable for separations of seeds, spices, beans, nuts, coffee, wheat, rice, peas, and cereals. They are used to remove impurities like mud balls, stones, glass piece, iron stones, metallic particles and other similar impurities.

There are various magnetic machines are available in the market but still manufacturing industries are struggling to find desire results as some magnetic machines are not capable to remove impurities completely from the medium flow. Hence we are offering our new range of hi-tech magnetic destoner machine which contains high intensity magnets capable to handle high load and separate impurities more easily from the medium flow. Our magnetic destoner is very useful for many industrial and commercial sorting impurities from the material. Our highly efficient magnetic destoner provide 100% pure and healthy food products like rice, maize and flour after extracting unnecessary impurities. It has various advantages as it need minimum power consumption and can be installed in any cleaning line.

If you are too facing any issues of impurity separation from the product flow then feel free to contact us. We will get back to you with the most advanced solution to fulfill your customized requirement.

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