Gyro Screen Machine

Gayatri separation is counted as one of the leading gyro screen machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We are equipped with more than 15 years of expertise in offering gyro screen machine to our clients globally. Our magnetic products are developed using latest technology and under guidance of expert professionals who are always ready to solve your production problem. The heart of robust gyro screen machine is its special duty heavy motor, have balance weight at bottom and top. Different spiral screening patterns can be obtained to suit various applications by changing its lead angle.

Gyro screen is one type of circular screen machine which is operating with the help of vibratory motor, where motor is responsible to generate vibrations in multiple directions to screen assembly. This effective method of screening is known as gyratory motion. Vibratory motor and screening assembly is placed in the vibration generating base where the screening material is travel through the screen. It is the most effective method for screening which causes material stratification and dispersion stirring. Feed material continuous flows on the surface of vibro screen with horizontal motion loop pattern. Gayatri gyro screen provides optimum screening and assures maximum efficiency with high feed rate.

In various process industries, material screening and separation is very important for getting desire output. Material screening is important task because it can separate raw material from crusher. Screening machines and material handling equipment are used to perform separation task. These machines are very important in every processing industry and work to produce end product. Gyro screen is the important machine used in the screening process to separate material from one another. It is used to handle screening applications such as grading, separating, screening, sieving and many more. Industries are searching for the solution of efficient gyro screen machines which can smoothly separates liquid and solid. We offer low maintenance gyro screen machines to fulfill screening and separating requirement of bulk materials.

Gyro screen is effective separation machine but it cannot provide effective result for adhesive or moist material because during separation process of these media, materials cannot separate as per requirement. Process of separation slows down and the rotor shaft cannot work properly. Similarly it is not much effective for bulky and large materials. Our offered machines have advantage of higher output with low power consumption and it provides material separation accurately. In industrial market gyro screen is also refer as vibro screen or vibro sifter. We provide gyro screen in SS and MS material in various ranges such as single, double or triple deck as per customer requirement and specification at best market prices.

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