Over Band Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

Gayatri separation is a leading over band magnetic separator manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our offered magnetic separators are made to remove impurities and tramp metals from the product carried in vibratory feeders or conveyor belts. It is specially designed to remove impurities, ferrous particles and protect process machines such as shredders, screens, conveyors and crushers from the industries like Mines, Rubber, Ceramic, Cement, Paper, Foundries, Food, Iron, Glass, Coal, Chemical, Solid waste plants and many others. Over band magnetic separators are useful where automatic contamination removal is required.

Over band magnetic separators are useful in various processing industries and handling plants where conveyors are used. Correctly positioned magnetic separators will effectively remove metal impurities and prevent damage to important machineries. Before choosing right magnetic separator for your process, also consider parameters like belt speed, product nature, density and particle sizes for effective material separation. Over band magnetic separator is capable to remove continue metal impurities such as steel or iron from media stream which contains large amount of ferromagnetic particles. It is one of the effective magnetic separator as it provide 70 to 90% of de-ferrization. It can be increased further to high levels by using set of multiple separators in series. It can use for recovery of ferrous particles from media as well as separation of impurities.

Our product is developed to capture valuable ferromagnetic particles directly from the product stream in easy and quick way, at the same time also protects your important machinery. It use properties of electro or permanent magnet for the separation of ferrous particles. Heavy duty rubber belt covers pulleys and rotates with the movement of pulley, will remove tramp metal which is extracted from conveyor belt. The particles are released in collection area when belt rotates away from the magnet. The design of separators consist a frame mounted permanent box consisting pulleys and rubber belt for self cleaning. These magnets are commonly found in recycling plant operations. They are developed using strontium ferrite rare earth magnets to deliver lifelong magnetic power to system. One non magnetic SS plate is also used to cover magnets poles in the system.

Known as a leading over band magnetic separator manufacturer and supplier, we always follow ethical principles, business relation, perfect quality, customer trust and timely delivery. Our offered magnetic separators are durable, strong and corrosive resistance. Contact us to discuss your product requirement and get a quote with best market prices and latest offers.

Over Band Magnetic Separator
Over Band Magnetic Separator

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