Magnetic Grill Manufacturer

Backed by expert professionals, we are one of the leading names as magnetic grill manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our offered magnetic grills are developed using high quality stainless steel for providing high gradient magnetic field for removing impurities and ferrous metals from process material. It can be used in catch bins, with hoppers, floor openings, collection points and other locations for ensuring product purity and equipment protection. It is available in round, rectangle and round shape as per customer requirement.

Now days, magnetic grill has become important process equipment for all manufacturing units. It can effectively trap all ferrous particles, refine the contamination feed and at the same time protect the important machinery parts from damaging. There is no second thought for installing such a efficient equipment in your process line. It also contribute in overall production by facilitating smooth machine functioning. We at Gayatri separation has been in the manufacturing of magnetic separation products since 20 years and continues to establish as leading magnetic grill manufacturer with steady growth record.

Our offered magnetic products are developed in such a way that it does not require any customization and perfectly paired with all type of hopers but still we are able to customize our magnetic products as per hopper requirement. The tubes are fitted with magnets inside the grill. With a limitation of space, these are placed one beside other. To run transversely, parallel cylinders are placed by holders. Fine magnetic elements are used to make magnetic grills as per the required frame size. These magnetic elements are made from high intensity rare earth magnets. All components of magnetic grills are made from stainless steel. We offer magnetic grills in various shapes and sizes, other shapes can be also created as per customer specifications.

It is easy to install as once placed with hopper, it will start functioning. When feed comes contact with magnetic grill, it would get attracted by magnetic field of grill. We can also provide magnetic grill as per custom specification and requirements. Magnetic grill must be clean at regular intervals or before every pass. Continue use of magnetic grill will reduce the effectiveness of grill. Hence for the high attraction of grill, it must be fully clean. Continuous technology updation at regular intervals is the main reason behind our growing sales network. You can contact us with your customize requirement and get best market price with world class services.

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